Three Important Reasons to Consider Kitchen Remodeling This Year

“Erie Kitchen Remodeling With D.R. Wheeler Design and

Remodeling offers design compatibility with new


The first and most obvious reason for our Erie kitchen remodeling expertise in your home is design compatibility and the money compatibility saves you as your appliances age. Due to new and advanced appliance components such as high performance ovens, Euro style dishwashers, over the range microwaves, Advantium cooking systems and so on, your present design will not be compatible with these advanced technologies. Homeowners wanting modern kitchen remodeling no longer want 24 built-in ovens, 70 CFM exhaust hoods, or over/under refrigerators and instead opt for newer style efficiency models.

2.       Times have changed, and the way we use kitchens has too

You need a modern kitchen for a modern life style. Kitchens are no longer utilized by only ‘mom’, but instead are a family meeting and entertainment hub. Entertaining guests with mom slaving in the kitchen and carrying food to a formal dining room is passé.  Culinary skills are shared by all, and in the modern dinner party, even the guests can take part in the experience. Some exciting modern Erie kitchen remodeling designs include a lounge area complete with coffee tables for guests to sip beverages and interact while things are being prepared. The kitchen lounge area also offers a place to visit, check email, and socialize after work or school. The “new” Island can be a wine bar enhanced with the beautiful effects of halogen pendant lights to provide the perfect place for sharing drinks and visiting while sneaking a few bites.

3.      Higher quality cabinets equal higher home value

While most things in today’s world have degraded in quality, kitchen cabinetry has made great advances. Today’s cabinets offer all-wood construction, mortised doors & styles, and dovetailed drawers. Specialized cabinets can offer you roll out shelving, slow close drawers & doors and customized workspaces.  The finishes are clear topcoats which are baked on urethane finishes or ceramic bead technology. They resist heat, dents, or chemical damage. The cabinets could literally be wiped off with paint thinner and not experience any damage. You will never have finish deterioration around handles or knobs again. Where to buy kitchen cabinets in Erie?  Dan Wheeler can help with that too!

Instead of spending all of your disposable income on a lavish vacation this year, consider spending it on something that will increase your wealth for the long term, and your quality of life year-round!


                                                                                                by Dan Wheeler – Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

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